Philly Sweettooth


Content writing is the skill to bring out the original thoughts and vibe with the correct audience. Content writing or Content curation is the current buzzword today. Businesses around the world are jumping on the bandwagon. So, has India stayed behind? I think not.

There has been a significant paradigm shift in the recent times. No longer are Indian companies sticking to the traditional forms of marketing. Content for businesses can be in the form of business blogs, PR articles, promotional texts and even podcasts or videos. A good content will be the voice of the company and engage the correct audience.

Content writing has seen a growth also because companies/websites have realised that Google no longer entertains duplicate or irrelevant articles and a professionally written content takes care of tools such as SEO and SMO. This makes the content more relevant to the keywords and also rank higher.

This will not only increase the market presence but can also increase brand recall and traffic to the relevant content.  Also no one really knows the Google algorithms used to rank the websites. Google algorithm updates can hit businesses hard if the content they provide is scraped off from different sources and just put together.

Content writing in India has seen a boost because not only does it give people the comfort to from their homes but also lets many people restart their careers.

And though writing is considered an art better done my humans but who knows, as we move into unchartered territories such as Artificial intelligence and machine learning, in the near future we could have robots producing creative content for us in minutes. Till then lets realize that writing amazing content is not a cakewalk but it is fun when like anything else in life, one is passionate about it.

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